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Amid this country’s cultural tensions, ‘Eshe’ releases a new single entitled, ‘King’. In ‘King’ she uplifts, celebrates and honors the Black Man in America, calling them Kings. During our last interview we spoke about how Eshe highlights the various ways these men serve their families, communities and provides leadership over the culture and specifically those they love. Eshe has chosen to counter the superfluous media mentions and fluid coverage of the ills surrounding Black Men and makes the conscious decision to illuminate Black Men as a collective; beaming with pride for those who have gotten it right. ‘It’s so easy to paint our men with the wrong brush in the media. Many don’t understand our men’s identity, their stances-individually or collectively and therefore the messaging regarding the value of our men is always misconstrued. I’m hoping with this song, I am able to remind everyone that our men are getting it right,’ says Eshe. 

Montsho Eshe, who earned major popularity as the unforgettable front woman of the two-time Grammy Award winning, Life Music group, Arrested Development, is thriving with independent music and in business. Her strong Afro-centric presence and spiritual philosophies, which poured forth in her stage performances and in her all-around demeanor, has been a welcomed consistency and expectation with her fan base. She’s blazed the trails with her own unique sound post Arrested Development fame and has made wonderful strides in music with her collaboration with television heartthrob and poet laureate Omari Hardwick and with her songwriting skills for the uber-adored R&B songstress Angie Stone.

Montsho Eshe’s ode to Black Men, ‘King’ has stayed available for your listening pleasure on under the Audio Soulfood tab because it is definitely that, but now it has been released on the Apple Music and iTunes platform as well as other popularly used streaming services. Now Eshe has blessed us with this creative vision that goes pass the beauty of the melanin but also highlights the necessity of these positive male roles in our lives as well as their brotherhood. It is her hope that the message is most effective at this point and will push forth with great traction during this time. ‘I just want to continue to carry the light the world tries desperately to dim’, says Eshe. To stay connected with Montsho Eshe go to


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